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Below you will find useful information ranging from some tips on how to best prepare your luggage for your next Corsica holiday break to a list of the airlines that we charter.

Travel formalities & tips

When you travel, always carry at least two forms of identification on your person: this can be your photo identity card, your passport, your driver’s license or your birth certificate. Never carry all your IDs together; split them up in case of theft or loss, and keep photocopies of all of them in your luggage and at home.

Minors, whatever their age, are strongly recommended to carry a passport or a photo identity card. Please note that the family record book cannot be used as a form of identification.

Before packing your bags, make sure the items you want to take with you are not prohibited. With that in mind, do not hesitate to read the comprehensive listing of TSA permitted and prohibited items for both carry-on and checked baggage.

In your luggage
For security reasons, the following items are strictly prohibited from being carried on board as hand luggage:

  •     Scissors
  •     sharp objects (including knives with blades of any length)
  •     Firearms* or toy and replica guns (*allowed on certain conditions -> please consult us)
  •     Melee weapons or toy and replica melee weapons
  •     munitions (allowed on certain conditions -> please consult us)

What items can I take in my hand luggage?*

For practical reasons, it is recommended that you take certain items and goods in your hand luggage such as valuable objects, fragile objects, documents, identity documents and so on.  (*limited to one small piece per person, weighing less than 5kg (11lbs)).
Please note that new security measures limit the carriage of liquids by passenger in carry-on baggage. Please inquire with the respective airline and airport for details prior to your departure.

Following are dangerous goods that may not be taken on board flights at all, whether as part of your hand luggage or checked baggage.

  •     Explosives
  •     Fireworks
  •     Poisons and Infectious substances
  •     Flammable liquids and solids
  •     Corrosives
  •     Magnetic materials
  •     Radioactive materials
  •     Compressed gases…

This is a non exhaustive list, please check out with your tour operator or airline for further details.


Where to rent a car in Corsica to carry on your trip? Have a look on to get more information about it.

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Please note that you may be forced to travel with other airlines meeting the same security standards.
We wish you a pleasant stay in Corsica !